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Financial Aid

Explore various financial aid and scholarships to support students with entrepreneurial mind.


MARA Education Loan
Scheme for Post Graduate Programme

Convertible loan

Applications are open to Malaysian graduates with a bachelor’s degree to further their studies at master, professional and doctorate levels either locally or abroad. The student must get an offer letter from the university / education institutes which are recognized by the government / MQA and prominent university abroad. Sponsorship or financing for full time and part time studies by Coursework and by Research.


PTPTN National Higher Education Fund Corporation

Convertible loan


EPF Education Withdrawal


The withdrawal allows you to withdraw your savings from Account 2 to finance your education.


Commercial Banks Loan

The Malaysian banking sector consist of 27 commercial banks (including 19 licensed foreign banks), 11 investment banks, 18 Islamic banks as well as non-bank financial institutions. Commercial Banks can be further classified into public sector banks, private sector banks, foreign banks and Regional Rural Banks (RRB). On the other hand, cooperative banks are classified into urban and rural.


Malaysia International Scholarship 2020


MBA@UTHM Scholarship Program