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Elective Courses Synopsis

Briefs of courses available for data management elective

Data Management Courses

Management Support System

This course provides an overview of managerial decision making and its computerized support. It covers basic decision support and decision making process, business model and business insight, data and model management, modeling and analysis, data integration, support system development and implementation. This course also deals with framework of managerial decision support system and business intelligent.

Data Mining in Business Analytics

To give an exposure to students on Data mining in Business Analytics, which includes the concepts and techniques in data mining. Four specific topics will focus on: Classification, Prediction, Forecasting and Association Rules. The model will ensemble with variety of methods, and also the evaluation and deployment will be build associate with several latest tools.

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Advanced Management Support System

The objective of this course is to ensure the students know how to make high-impact decisions that are reasoned, defensible, and will lead to having greater success in both making these decisions and in justifying them by individuals and organisations. Most complex decisions involve many interested parties with conflicting interests and objectives and many factors, especially intangible ones like social, environmental and political influences alongside economic ones. All these factors need to be prioritized and integrated under common goals. Such complex decisions have benefits, opportunities, costs and risks that need to be addressed. Students will be exposed to a variety of applications and will get hands-on practice with the very usable Super Decisions software that facilitates this way of decision-making.

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