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MPA21803 Technology Innovation & Commercialization  This course provides a general introduction to a range of models, concepts and principles relating to the technology innovation process. It provides students with an understanding of the definition of innovation, its strategic importance and a range of managerial issues relating to the pursuit of innovation through product or service development and technologyimplementation in business. It provides both an internal organizational perspective on the innovation process and an external perspective of commercialization business model;financing commercialization; current issues of product commercialization.
MPA11403  Product Design and Development This course is divided into two parts namely Innovation Management and Product Development. For innovation management the topics include: Introduction to Innovation Management, Innovation as a management process, managing innovation within firms, developing the framework for innovation strategy, building the innovative organization, and the role of technology transfer in innovation. While  Product development covers topics such as; Product and Brand Strategy, New Product Development, Managing New Product DevelopmentProcess , Product Platform and Knowledge Integration and Best Practices for Product Development Managers.
MPA11203  Technopreneurship  This course aim to provide further understanding of technopreneurship. The topics cover include; assessing economics environment for new business ventures, rules and regulation governing business entities in Malaysia, financial assistances and technical supports from various agencies, developing business plan, marketing plan, business operational plan andfinancing plan. Students will be exposed to various case studies on successful entrepreneurs.

Real Estate
 Code Course Name Synopsis
MPA11103 Real Estate Investment  This course contains discussion on the fundamental and managerial aspect of real estateinvestment. These includes fundamental of real estate valuation, legal aspect of real estatemarket, issues and challenges in direct and indirect real estate markets, innovations in real estate investment markets, issues of real estate market efficiency and international real estatemarket and investment .
MPA11303  Real Estate Market Analisis This course consists of several components covering the concept, methods and techniques of analysis involving the real estate market. It covers the real estate market research processwhich deals with data sources, data analysis, data presentation, case studies as well as the behavior and trends of the real estate market cycles. Elements of property marketing such asmarket segmentation, market catchment, market positioning, principles and strategies inmarketing management, marketing skills, and ethics in market research and real estate marketing will also be covered.
MPA21703  Strategic Corporate Real Estate This sourse covers introduction to corporate real estate asset management; Corporate real estate asset management – strategy and implementation; Formulation of strategy – adopting an analytical approach; Property Performance Evaluation; Understanding property characteristics –information, Understanding property Users’ characteristics; Organisational objectives in relation to corporate property; Understanding Property markets – an institutional approach; An institutional approach to understanding property markets –legal and financialinstitutions; An institutional approach to understanding property markets – administrative institutions; Formulating strategies for real estate management.


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